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Registered name “Legend” is a Dreamy Silver Friesian Sport horse gelding who will only get more beautiful as time turns him more silver every year. He is lightly backed and very quiet under saddle.

Legend is a Registered Friesian Sport Horse and registrable Friesian Heritage Horse. 

He took mostly to his 100% Friesian sires side, with a thick double mane, long high stepping action legs and absolutely breath taking lines. 

It’s no wonder, with highly influential approved stallions behind him with known characteristics of grace and kind temperament carried across generations Maeije 440 (Beart 412) + Jorn 430 (Fabe 348)

His grey PRE paso fino mother not only gave him his color, but brought his smooth trot, and a natural inclination for equitation. 

This boy puts on the “sparkle” for the camera, but gives a low head and submits to cuddles when you’re on the ground for daily chores. 

Legend has had one owner his entire life, but has had many handlers to keep him well rounded and comfortable around others. 

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