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Thoroughbred • Mare • 17hh • 7 years old

Never Raced Throughbred mare Rosie is such an amazing horse! 

She was ridden by a beginner owner from ages 4 to age 5. Then had one healthy beautiful friesian colt in 2024 as a 6 year old. She had a BIG baby that she didn’t recover well from so we picked her up end of September and have spend the last several months putting weight on her and she has about 100lbs to go. 

Due to family illness changes and not at the fault of her at all- we decided to not breed her back this year if we can find a good home for her instead. 

This is a white gloved horse but needs some miles and some beet pulp. She hasn't been worked at all so she does think she's retired to nothing but being hand walked in the evening. This girl is in her prime and needs to go be a school horse/eventer

She has the size, movement and talent— I can’t sell a Friesian for what I can sell her for so she is PERFECT for your teens and students on a budget. 

Nicer Pictures of her at ideal weight are 1.5-2 years old - saddle picture included is from when she was 5- i cannot speak to her riding now so assume she will need to have a quick refresher course. 

She JUST got her annuals, coggins, ultrasound for breeding health, full exam in February because I was planning to breed her this year after I finished off her weight gain.

Her farrier raves about how amazing her hoofs are because he normally hates tb hoofs. Hers are not “weak tb feet" and she has been barefoot her whole life.

Offering only to a perfect home for affordable low 4 figures!!! 

Rosie: Rosie


Rosie: Rosie
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